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Question asked by bsawler on Mar 26, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2007 by bsawler

I am having what I would consider major issues with the search option. 

For example I am looking for a file name 241-00-0003 with a description of "Design Verification Plan". 

1) So I type in the following in the search box while selecting the button for "All Items" the following: 1) Verification 2) verification 3)*verification* 4)verification* (all case sensitives etc.) for all combinations.  Result = zero.

2) Then when I type "Verification" into the description field in the advanced search, the result is correct. 

Why do I have to go to the advanced search?

What stumps me is that one day the search will work in item 1 above but most days it doesn't?