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some questions about webscript development

Question asked by darksonic on Jun 27, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2008 by darksonic
first thx steve for previous answers

hi all,
i'am trying to develope an alfresco portlet for liferay (this is my study project)
that's why i realized some webscripts like browser,manage group,copy and paste,upload,create folder ……
but i have some problems
- first i would like to know how can i  get the current path (to create or paste  folder and content  into the current folder)
- i don't undestand why i get sometimes the error: does not support a methode GET or does not support a methode POST
-finally is it possible for a user to work, directly into his internet browser, on (for exemple) office documents as a remote user, i know microsoft share point makes  it possible, but i need a free solution.
can i use an open office server to do it???