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LDAP/ADS synch and home spaces

Question asked by recvfrom on Mar 26, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2007 by andy
I've already been using NTLM authentication just fine and wanted to enable LDAP/ADS synch, so I modified the ldap-authentication.xml.sample file.  Everything worked just fine, but I'd like to create home spaces for users is a separate sub-space, if possible, e.g. Users.  Is there any way to do that by default??

Also, I noted the following comment in the XML file:

    You can also use JAAS authentication for Kerberos against Active Directory or NTLM if you also require single sign on from the
    web browser. You do not have to use LDAP authentication to synchronise groups and users from an LDAP store if it supports other
    authentication routes, like Active Directory.

So, how do I *not* use LDAP authentication?  Just not configure something, or comment something out??