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2 Questions about configuring SDK

Question asked by d.f.m on Jun 27, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2008 by dgenard

I have two questions about configuring SDK env.:

1 - Do i have to use MySql databas? Is there a default HSQL embedded database for Alfresco SDK?
(I have already installed Alfresco server - tomcat bundle, it's running properly with the default HSQL db)

2 - Which eclipse release to use with Alfresco SDK:
eclipse for java SE - Eclipse Europa (for JEE) - Eclipse Callisto (for web) - myEclipse

(Note: i tried eclipse Europe, but failed to run web projects in SDK samples, e.g. SDK CustomJSP).

I'm newbie to Alfresco & any help would appreciated :)