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permission setting for folder access, but not for parent

Question asked by strinchero on Mar 27, 2007
Hi all,
i have a problem: i have to setup some folder to wich a particular group of user has access, but they don't have to see the parent folder:
if B is the folder they can see, and B is a child of A, they need to see B, but they must not be able to see A.

Problem arise when a user try to create content under B,  i get a permission error. It's not a problem of role, i have tried even with coordinator, without success. If i give access to the whole path to root, then the same user can add content. Wich are the permission needed ?

I'm using alfresco 2.0, this is the error:

A system error happened during the operation: Failed to set content property on stream closure: node: workspace://SpacesStore/3d81e353-dc48-11db-9f77-5db9dd703b3e property: {}content writer: ContentAccessor[ contentUrl=store://2007/3/27/9/47/3d8ba756-dc48-11db-9f77-5db9dd703b3e.bin, mimetype=text/html, size=5, encoding=UTF-8]