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Basic Minimum Requirements for Alfresco

Question asked by bsawler on Mar 27, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2007 by bsawler

I was looking for the minimum requirements to run Alfresco, cause I have had Alfresco up and running on my project for about 3 weeks and yesterday it 'crashed'

I have Alfresco 2.0 Community running on a Win2003 server, with about 3GB of RAM and there in only one server in the office which it runs the mail, internet and about 50 computers.  I am a Mechanical Engineer and know very little about servers, networks etc, but I need Alfresco for my Project, and I have no IT support. 

Out of the blue I executed a command in firefox and watch in the status bar "Waiting for server" which usually lasts about 5 seconds this week on for 5 minutes, so I know something was wrong.  I checked the server and from the task manager it was running at 1.5GB of RAM.  I then went to "Stop Alfresco" and it said waiting to deallocate 18 instances (or something similar)  and after 10 minutes this message did not go away on the tomcat so I killed it and then "Start Alfresco" and all worked fine for the last 2 days.  Now another 20 or so users will be connecting, plus possible another 50 or so later on.

Since I am not a technical wiz on the computer, could I get a rule of thumb for the hardware and software required to run say 25-50 instances of Alfresco at one time?