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compliments and question

Question asked by rudischmitz on Jun 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2008 by rudischmitz
I really like this software. I have i on centos 5.1 64 bit with postgresql and tomcat 5.5 I am testing community 2.9b and 3.0. I can't locate 2.9c anywhere. I am using it for a secure large file repository. I can upload up to 2GB files in the web client and I can't see a limit on webdav uploads. I tested about 5 GB on webdav and was successful.   Once again great software.

Ok on my "main" setup my alf_data is under 


If I want to do multi-tenancy command line to keep customers data separate should I execute this?

create customer1 password  /var/lib/alfresco/alf_data/customer1


create customer1 password  /var/lib/alfresco/alf_data[size=200]_[/size]customer1

Anyone runing multenancy have a suggestion???