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AMP modules JSF managed beans

Question asked by jenglert on Mar 28, 2007
Latest reply on May 6, 2010 by nicolasraoul
Hey all,
   I have to admit…. I cheated!  I edited the Module Management Tool ( to copy the /web/WEB-INF directory into the AMP'd war.  I did this in order to copy my faces-config-custom.xml into the new war. 

   Everything works great! except for a small issue I'm having trouble addressing.  I would like to be able apply two AMP modules to a war.  Both need to specify managed-JSF-beans (in faces-config-custom.xml).  When I use the MMT tool to AMP my war the second faces-config-custom.xml is used.  This presents an issue for me at least. I'm not a JSF expert by any means, I get by.  Is there a way to include a number of JSF confg files using wildcard specification such as adding WEB-INF/faces-*.xml to the web.xml.  Thus far, I have had no success figuring this out.