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Configuring Roles and Permission

Question asked by atulverma on Jul 2, 2008

I added the following in permissionDefinitions.xml

<permissionSet type="cl:amllineup" expose="all">
    <permissionGroup name="DocumentEditor"  expose="true" allowFullControl="false" >
      <includePermissionGroup type="cm:cmobject" permissionGroup="Consumer"/>
      <includePermissionGroup type="sys:base" permissionGroup="Write"/>
      <includePermissionGroup type="cm:lockable" permissionGroup="CheckOut"/>

"cl:amlineup" is a type defined in custom model xml.  'DocumentEditor' is the permission group.
I also added the 'DocumentEditor' in file. However the permission group 'DocumentEditor' does not show up in the Alfresco UI.

I have 3 questions:-
1. How to define permission for custom content type?
2. How to make them visible in Alfresco UI?
3. Also is it possible to assign roles to user/userGroups directly without tying them to a Space/Content node?

Looking forward to answers please help!!!