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Once again: Installation on Ubuntu 7 *or* 8

Question asked by strophi on Jul 2, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2008 by dinger
Dear forum,

is there anybody out there who can explain alffresco's installation on either Ubuntu 7 or 8?

I tried the wiki way for 2.1 Community. No success. I retried 25 times and reread the article 100+ times, even the french thread (thanx i've some french in school), then I tried the linux installer for 2.9B, but no success. The under ubuntu 8 not working installer on  is there since december 2007. 7.5 month - isn't this an release by Alfresco.Inc. ???

If Alfresco can't build an linux installer, that works under ubuntu 7 or 8, that installs a proper base of alfresco ecms, who else can?

Linux: “Ubuntu and Red Hat pull away, SUSE remains flat by comparison in the US” – Ubuntu 24d Hat Enterprise Linux 21%.

Possibly the linux gurus out there, who have no problems and who run a productive or test environment, aren't sharing their experience…

Why don't they share?

hope you won't feel offended