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Simple question on documentation, is now solved!! See wiki.

Question asked by hector3rd on Jul 2, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2008 by hector3rd

I want to ask something:

How come when a user is stuck in evaluating an extension, for example Records Management, and the wiki User Guide is out of date, there is no other way to get help?

I have tried several outlets for help:
    –>posting on Installation Forum,
    –>I sent a direct email to an Alfresco Engineer,
    –>and even updated the wiki "Users Guide for Record Management", so other users don't get stuck at "Loading Test Data"
There must be some answer to this.
If proper documentation is available, where do I get this?
Or, what do you suggest an Open Source User, an engineer with good programming background, should do?
Give me a step by step, up2date cookbook, and I will make you a fabulous dinner.

Can someone point me to a viable solution?

Any help/suggestion is highly appreciated.

Thank You Very Much In Advance!!!!!!