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Digital Signatures

Question asked by kurtkbee on Mar 31, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2010 by yogesh_prabhu
Hello All,
I am new to Alfresco and find it very interesting. While discussing this system with some of my co-workers i realized that(due to my ignorance) i could not answer a few questions regarding document security. I could not find the answers to these issues on your site. Can anyone enlighten me about the capabilities of Alfresco regarding:

1) How does Alfresco ensure that document approval is done by the person that  submits a doc ?

2) Is there an audit trail to determine the who/when/what was done by a user in the system ?

3) Can Alfresco publish documents in restricted PDF format and therefore prevent/restrict unauthorized persons from opening it ?

4) Is there a way for alfresco to allow viewing of a document but not printing of that document, or restrict who has the ability to print vs. view a document?

5) Can alfresco replace my guard dog, my home security system and check my closet for the boogie man (this is a make or break people !!!)


P.s. digital/electronic signatures are important for us as well as ability to determine access throughout the document lifecycle (we get audited a lot)