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Copying entire node tree with CMLCopy

Question asked by maggot84 on Jul 3, 2008
Latest reply on May 28, 2009 by salmon
Hi, I got a serious problem.
I have a space template which I keep in the 'Company home/Dictionary/Space templates' directory and it has a tree structure, so there is one root node (space), it contains a couple of other nodes and so on. When I copy the root node using the CMLCopy class weird things happen. It seems to have created a new node like the template root in the specified location with a new uuid, but the child nodes seem to be just links instead of new nodes (they seem to keep their old ids form the template). Why do I think that? Beacuse when I add content to the child nodes in my space template it also magically appears in the nodes that were copied and the other way around - add content to new location, it appears in the template. Does anyone know what the deal is? Does CMLCopy allow the copying of ONLY one node and then if the node has any children it just creates links to them instead of actual copies?
I would appreciate any form of help.