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Question asked by rdanner on Apr 2, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2010 by anediaz
Well we've been looking closer at JCR-RMI and at the moment its entirely busted.  As Lennard points out, due to the Thread Local strategy behind security and the JCR Session and the fact that the RMI server can run your remote object in whatever thread it wants you are very likely to have problems just using the Jackrabbit extension to use remote the JCR implementation. So don't waste any time messing with it.

I didn't see this problem back when I was playing with JCR/RMI because I was using the interface in very small conversations and under no real load.

We're going to try and work around the issue by managing threads on the server side and binding remote objects to the server side threads. 

I think the workaround has serious limitations like the number of open sessions (because it is directly related to the number of managed threads on the server side.)

If we get something working it will be posted here.  If you have thoughts on how to work around the issue please post them!