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No Data in Web Script Portlets?

Question asked by ragamuffndave on Jul 4, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2008 by matteo.grolla
I'm trying to use the alfresco (built from latest SVN pull) web scripts as portlets in liferay (5.0.1)… I've been successful thus far getting them to show up (in the liferay application menu and also as portlets on the page), however, no data is ever displayed in the portlets… going directly to the web scripts themselves outside of liferay, they work as they should… inside liferay, it seems there is some disconnect between the UI part of the webscript and the back end… the UI shows up fine, but is never populated with anything.

So for example, I have the My Spaces web script running as a portlet which should show some files and folders etc… the UI part is displayed fine, yet a spinning graphic in the middle shows up where the files should be, like it is retrieving data, yet nothing ever comes back. This happens for all the web scripts that I try to put into liferay… the spinning graphic is there and data is never returned.

Has anyone else experienced this yet? Also, if I click on any of the tabs/links (filters basically) in the portlets, something really weird happens: it's as if all the CSS is stripped from the page and it blows away the portlet as well as the liferay page… it's all rendered as plain text.

Any help would be appreciated :)