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Alfresco in Eclipse with MyEclipse or Exadel plugin ?

Question asked by rivarola on Apr 2, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2007 by rivarola

Any experience (experiment ? :wink: ) of working on Alfresco Web Client using MyEclipse or Exadel Eclipse plugins ?

I tried to set Web app and JSF capabilities to the Web Client project using MyEclipse and encountered some problems with JSF :
- there are several JSF config files in Alfresco and the dialog box only asks me for one,
- the root directory retained by the JSF wizard is / and not /source/web and I cannot change it. As a consequence when I double-click on a jsp file in the JSF navigation view I get an error because this jsp file is not found under the project root directory (it is in the /source/web/jsp directory). I can also see a buggy WEB-INF folder has been added directly in my project with a web.xml file inside. I don't want the JSF capabilities to generate this file but I want it to use the existing one in /source/web/WEB-INF (I cleared all checkboxes to prevent libs and tlds from being imported by I could not prevent the plugin from creating this file).

Any ideas ?

I guess adding the Spring capability may be touchy as well…