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SSL and Alfresco Community Logo causing mixed content errors

Question asked by kgomes on Apr 2, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2007 by gavinc
Hi there,

I setup Alfresco 2.0 and turned on SSL and everything works fine.  However, if you try to use Alfresco from Internet Explorer, every time you click on something or the page refreshes a dialog box pops up and states that the web site is trying to server mixed content.  It turns out that the mixed content is the Alfresco Community logo that is being served from  This means that non-secure content is being served through a secure connection.  Yes, I know you can allow mixed content in the Internet Options->Security, but every single client will have to do that and add to their list of trusted sites just to get rid of that annoying dialog.  I originally thought it would be no big deal as I would just change the property that points to the logo, but then I could not find any file (property or jsp) that contained that reference.  I finally checked out the source code and found the link hardcoded in a Java class (!  I am REALLY hoping there is a property or something I can set to override the location of the logo.  Is there one?????