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Can't disable/modify ports for CIFS via overrides

Question asked by pitt1 on Apr 3, 2007
I'm running 1.4.0E on RedHat (in Tomcat 5.5.x), and we're trying to set up a samba server, independent of Alfresco on the same machine.  The default CIFS config in Alfresco consumes port 445, but this port is needed for samba.  I would like to either

a. Change the port number that is consumed by the Alfresco CIFS config.  The wiki doesn't appear to offer any suggestions (


b. Disable CIFS entirely in Alfresco. 

There was no apparent solution for (a), so I tried (b).  I wanted to override the settings in file-servers.xml, so I added the following to file-servers-custom.xml:

   <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="CIFS Server" replace="true">
        <serverEnable enabled="false"/>

After a restart of tomcat, 445 was still consumed.  The only way I could get CIFS to shut off was by removing the entire CIFS Server config segment from the original file-servers.xml file.  I really don't want to be modifying the base alfresco config files, so could somebody tell me how to do this in the -custom.xml file instead?