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Acegi - CasAuthenticationProvider

Question asked by dvelasov on Jul 5, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2008 by dvelasov
Is it possible to configure CasAuthenticationProvider in the authentication-services-context.xml and get CAS-Alfresco Integration?
If it's not only a configuration problem and requires some programming, what I have to change inside the alfresco sources in order to get the above integration?
(My final goal is to make Web Services SOAP messages to be parsed correctly if I send CAS-ticket in the SOAP body (Proxy Ticket) - not native alfresco TICKET_
I want to provide CAS-SSO together with Alfresco Web Services. AuthenticationService - startSession("admin", "password") is not good for me as I have to use this way of authentication in my portlet without SSO now).

By the way… Acegi Security is deprecated. Why it's still used instead of the Spring Security?