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New: Project Digital Signature in Alfresco

Question asked by ingdade on Jul 6, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2008 by mindthegab
Hi everyone,
I hope this is the right forum.

I'm a student in Informatic Engineering  at The University of Bologna in Italy.
I want to make my thesys about Alfresco and Security.

In particular my projet is to integrate Digtal Signature into Alfresco and make this news functionaly avaible as workflow.
So it can be possible to implementate  many security  politcs.

I found a project in Alfresco Forge :
I wrote the authors and i'm waiting for a response, even if there's no activity in the forge.

I think that integration of Digital Signature in Alfresco can be a point of power for Alfresco against its competitors.
More, as I have to do this project as Thesys, the presence and the support of a great University can give more authoritativeness to Alfresco.

How to start a project in Alfresco?
Who is interested in the project and how many people do you tink it need?
For the administrators: Wath about the importance of an open source solution for Digital Signature in Alfresco?

I hardly wait to start and to find people interested in this community.

Best regards
Ing. Davide Bonomo