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Customized Search Results Columns

Question asked by farhadkhalafi on Apr 4, 2007
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by gdey
I have created a new custom type for medical records with a number of properties (patient name, record ID, etc). A couple of these custom properties are visible through the advanced search when the user selects to search only the custom type.

I have several questions:

Is it possible to detect when the advanced search is using a custom type?

Is it then possible to configure the search result columns to show some of the custom properties?

Can the search results be sorted using these properties?

If a property takes a single value from a small set, can the property-sheet for the detail view use a pre-populated dropdown list when in edit mode?

Suppose that I don't use or don't want to display one of the inherited properties such as Author or Description. Is there such a tag as <hide-property name="cm:description" /> to hide "Description" in the customized property-sheet?