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Multilingual Website

Question asked by sim085 on Apr 5, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2007 by terry.tao
I still did not read all the documentation regarding Alfresco, however I still did not come across any reference to how Alfresco can help in developing a multilingual website.

In a past project I had to develop a simple component for my websites which received a locale as an input and returned the text to be displayed in the language according to the locale passed (naturally the text was loaded from a database in the backend, with SQL queries that used the local short code to know what text to be displayed).

I was wondering if such a component exists also in Alfresco. That is when developing a website, I would pass the locale from the session (or something like that) and alfresco framework would handle the process to load the text in that language (or default language if text not found). Is this possible with Alfresco? And were could I find more details on this?

Thanks for any comments,