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Federated Search Configuration

Question asked by fschnell on Apr 5, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2007 by prb
Hello all,

I was trying to configure Alfresco 2.0 in  a way to make use of the federated search capabilities. I seem to be unable to find the right places for the configuration. Let's assume that I have two different Alf2.0 instances running, each with their own indexed repository. How would I configure each instance to be able to search also in the other instance? Are there any fundamental differences if the second is not an Alfresco repository but another OpenSearch capable repository?

I also have a repository which is not OpenSearch enabled, but provides a SOAP interface for all its functionality. What would be a planning figure for the effort (in man-days) to implement an OpenSearch connector which translates a search request into a SOAP request? Anyone out there who did that before?

Any help or pointers to more information are highly appreciated.