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Customize Add/Create Content

Question asked by howejr77 on Jul 8, 2008

I'm trying to look into modifying the Create Web Content Wizard and the Add Content Action in WCM to include the page the end user views when clicking the "View Details" link after the content has been created. We would like to have the user view/set these fields as part of the content creation as opposed to having to go to this link everytime after creating the content.

I was hoping I might get pointed in the correct direction from the community on the best approach for this. With respect to the Add Content action, I was hoping that I could somehow customize the JSF navigation to go to this screen upon selecting the OK button when the content was created, but haven't been able to get it to work? Is this a possible approach or do I need to create my own custom action? For the Create Web Content Wizard, I was hoping to define a Wizard with the extra step but reuse the existing Wizard steps and simply include the details of "View Details" link as a final step? Would it also be possible to modify the JSF navigation approach at the end of the wizard?

I'd really appreciate any suggestions…

Thank You