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'Add Content' cutomization

Question asked by wvictor on Jul 9, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2008 by wvictor
Hi Everyone,

Firstly, a few words on our setup here:
I have developed a Java application that that interfaces with the Web Client through the "org.alfresco.webservice.*" libraries. It searches through the repository for nodes with a specific value in the "reference code" property we have defined ({}referencecode:) This property has so far been added to nodes using a little helper application developed purely for testing purposes. The "content" of the node is then modified in the required way (file containing newly acquired data is uploaded, and content property of node is made to point to the new file in the repository). All of this works fine.
The problem:
I now need to modify the Alfreso web client to add this property ({}referencecode:) to all new nodes that are created through the "Add Content" button. This should happen in the "General Properties" section of the second step of the "Add Content Dialog", where the user should now see a new (required) "Reference" field added below the "Name" field. The string entered in this field should then be attached to the node as a new property, as mentioned above. The "Add Content" button should perhaps also be modified to to read something like "Add Referenced Content", although this is not a priority - at this stage at least.

Where should I start? I have no experience in JSP programming, as it is completely out of my field (electronic engineering). I've been thrown into this due to a slight crisis situation where the above should already have been put in place… Any help, advice, crash course, or even nudge in the right direction would be highly appreciated!