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Bootstrap Fails

Question asked by bodgeit on Jul 9, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2008 by bodgeit
Hi, New Alfresco user and still on shallow part of steep learning curve.
I have been evaluating Alfresco on Server 2003 using HSQL database but now want to transfer to MySQL.
I downloaded latest MySQL version (5.051b community) and installed…all good.

I did a full export of existing repository and extracted files from CIFS to another dir….all good.
I then changed the appropriate entries for MySQL and created a new database using the script via command line…all good.
I then configured my existing install of alfresco for bootstrap as per Wiki. Basically adding 'restore' folder inc files extracted and altering context of packages.
I then restarted Alfresco and got lots of errors, I wondered then if maybe I needed to start with a clean install of Alfresco, so I did that and applied all the above elements again and started….same errors.

I have no idea what any of them mean or what they relate to and wonder if someone could provide me some assistance?

My output from console (Not sure if large outputs are appreciated so I posted at pastebin):

Any help would be appreciated…I'm a bit stuck.