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html modification not saved

Question asked by sigma80 on Jul 9, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2008 by sigma80
Hi to everyone! I have a problem with html pages in alfresco. If I try to edit them through inline editor and then save, the modifications I made are not saved, but seems that Alfresco impose its default parameters. In particular I need to modify about anchor links of some html pages adding just after the link attribute title with a description, i.e. <a href="http….." title="something">. If instead I try to modify other tags, like <h2> to <h3> or like the attribute title in a link, if already present, then the modifications are saved. What could be the problem? How can I resolve it? Thanks.

I have tried to reimport the html page with the proper modifications made but I have obtained the same result, that is the modifications disappear…