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Aspect with List of folders.

Question asked by vhakkal on Jul 9, 2008
So I am trying to create this aspect with the following, (let call it Publish to Public).
   – Point of Contact (this will just be a string value)
   – Publish to Public Folder (Check Box)
   – List of Folder from Public Folder. (In my Company Home I have two folders one Private and the other Public)

Some background information. I have created two folders Private and Public. The Public Folder has right for everyone plus guest. So when the user adds content to a Private folder they will have the they will have to fill out the field from the aspect.  Unless the user selects the Publish to Public Folder check box I would like to not show the List of Folder from Public Folder, it would be a nice feature. After they submit the form I will create a link in the Public folder that they had selected.

So my issues are the following.
   – Is list of folder from the Public on the property page.
   – For the Aspect what would the property look like for the file chooser?
   – I did try to use a Custom Action but that doe not work.

Any Help would be appreciated.