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Will Alfresco meet our requirements?

Question asked by alloydog on Jul 10, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2008 by alloydog
I have been giving the task of finding a Document/Content management system for our (small) company.
I am reading through the features of Alfresco (and others), but would like some users' opinions.

Our main requirements are:
- no startup costs, and can be maintained by our team (Technical Writers) (i.e. no external experts needed)
- basic versioning; branching not needed
- multilingual support (i.e. can manage language variants of a singe source language version)
- no restrictions on type of content (format) that can be stored (XML, Framemaker files, and so on…)
- content can be searched
- automated module ID system (module ID not tied to the filenames we use)
- batch import and export
- restricted access options (ACLs)
  + we need a solution that would allow us to give our customers access to their content, but not see everything in the database

So far, we are also looking at:
- Subversion
- Daisy CMS
- Hippo CMS
- Drupal
- Joomla
- Ez

I would appreciate any comments.