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Alfresco DNS name server/virtual hosts problem

Question asked by raul_bhatia on Jul 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2008 by kbarber
Hello Alfresco/Linux Gods,

I recently installed the latest version of alfresco on my Ubuntu 8.04 machine. I have a DNS server BIND9 set up on this computer and I already have virtual hosts for other applications running on an intranet domain that I created. I am using Apache 2.2 as the front end web server. I now wanted to setup alfresco to run in the same way like the other applications. This means I do not want to enter the ip address and port number to go to my alfresco page. I just want to enter a simple to go to the alfresco website. I have created "A" record called alfresco in BIND9 and I know this requires some kind of tomcat-apache integration. But I dont know what to use to integrate Apache 2.2 with Tomcat. I installed the Alfresco-Tomcat bundle so my alfresco version came with the tomcat.

I tried using mod_jk but that doesnt seem to work. When I type the web address, all I get is a directory listing of my alfresco directory. The jsp pages dont show up. Can someone please help me?