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Unable to open a long name ppt/xls, using the office plug-in

Question asked by duxtinto on Jul 10, 2008
I found some problem on the Excell/Powerpoint plug-in …

This is no related to alfresco, but it's a MS Office Interop API problem.

I can open filenames with any filename size using word, but if I try to use Excel or Powerpoint, the system shows me the next error:

Unable to open the presentation from Alfresco:Presentatios (unknown member):Invalid request. Filename cannot exceed 255 characters.

Using the source code, i found that any time I try to open a file, alfresco uses the office api to open an address like this one: path/filename?ticket=TICKET_d55f4ccc9e2d73462919afab2669d212a6bd8ed1

If we substract the lenght of the bold part (96 characters), the longest file path is only 159 characters. If we also take into consideration than special characters like spaces and chinese letters are urlencoded from 1 character to 3 (e.g. 1 white space = %20%), the max. filename length could be even shorter.

I know this is not an Alfresco issue, since the problem is in the Office api limitation, but we are working in a chinese environment  and we should solve this problem before deploy the alfresco server.

I tried to use CIFS, and the max. length of the filename is longer (you not use the tickets, and the system don't encoded the URL), but the system works slower.

We want to use webdav, and for that reason i would like to know…

Does anybody know how to make shorter the filename used by the webdav protocol?

I was thinking about truncate the address, or maybe remove the tickets, or use relative paths instead of absolute paths or i don't know…