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'Simplifiying' the default views.

Question asked by ftclausen on Jul 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2008 by ftclausen
Hi All,

First some background describing what I am trying to achieve - we have an engineering department that often needs to exchange designs, images and other large, binary files with 3rd parties. These files are usually hundreds of megabytes in size and they have been using Akamai for this but our company would like to bring this rather sensitive information in-house. And, the catch is, that the one engineer will be entrusted with granting 3rd party access and managing access to the files. But this poses some problems:

a) The engineer is not a sysadmin and cannot configure Apache users directly.
b) We do not want to give the engineers shell access.
c) Is it OK to upload 100's of megabytes via a browser? Maybe Alfresco can use Webdav somehow.

So, a CMS (such as Alfresco) of some kind seems ideal to delegate the "user management" to one of the engineers. I have been evaluating several options and Alfresco seems the most promising (from my initial, test deployments), especially since it is so well supported should that become required.

So, to get into more detail about what I need, I will list what we require and what I have managed to configure :

* One "Master Release" space, which is read-write by our engineers - Accomplished as a "Master Release" user with its own space.
* Per 3rd party there should be 2 accounts : 1 read-only and one read-write (read-write for their own space, quota would be nice) - The read/write account is the space owner but I am not sure how to create an account with that has *only* read-only access to spaces, no read-write access anywhere. Also, not sure how to enforce storage usage quotas
* Each 3rd party has read-only access to the Master Release space - Accomplished by leaving GROUP_EVERYONE as a consumer of this space.
* Each 3rd party can only see its own space and the Master Release space - Accomplished by removing GROUP_EVERYONE as consumer for all users but Master release
* Reduced User interface - It would be nice if only the "Company Home" was displayed on the left hand navigation bar, no "My Alfresco" or "My Home" - Not sure how to do this.
* No unauthenticated access - Accomplished by deleting the guest user.

If anyone can assist me with the items I am unsure of then we will be much obliged!

Many thanks!