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Connecting to CIFS - Not Working

Question asked by bsawler on Apr 11, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2007 by bsawler

I am having what I consider basic problems with the CIFS function.  I have Windows2003R2 with Alfresco2.0 Community running.

I have about 50 computers off the server running XP.  There are 2 workgroups and 1 domain name or something similar. 

The server can easily map the CIFS without problem.  1 in about 5 computers can sometimes map the CIFS only after playing with static IP's, workgroup names (ie. no logic here what so ever).  If you restart one of the machines that could connect, it will be able to connect.  All computers can use the Web Client with NO problems.  All machines can ping <servername>_a and get replies. 

In the readme file it says to add the bold part to the line "<host name="${localname}_A" domain="MYDOMAIN"/>" to 'file-servers-custom.xml' file.  Well when I open the file there is no such line which consists of <host name> so I add the entire line in 2 locations under the URL locations with no such luck.

I am stumped, cause why would the webclient work, but CIFS not?  I am beginning to think it has to do with the windows part.  For CIFS to work, what conditions have to be met i.e. workgroups need to be the same, domains, etc.

So when I map, I enter my username and password and click ok, the connecting to … window just refreshes back at me over and over.

This is preventing me from bulk uploading among other things.