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Content changes don't show up in CIFS mount

Question asked by ftoth on Jul 12, 2008
Hi all,

I've hit a problem with 2.1 community and I'd like to know if others have seen
this or have a work-around.

If we change content in WCM via the user interface (for example, download an
HTML file, edit it, and update it in Alfresco), the changes do not show up
in the CIFS mount.

This is a critical bug in our environment.

With much playing around, I've found that I can make the change appear by
unmounting and remounting the CIFS mount. Not a good solution!

By the way, this is running on RHEL 4.

Thanks for any advice you can give. I'm wondering if it's time to abandon 2.1 community.
Is anyone else using this in production? Is it even possible to use Alfresco in production
without the enterprise version? I've been trying for a long time now.