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Lucene: stored content

Question asked by seanoc5 on Jul 14, 2008
Can anyone straighten me out for having lucene store the document content in its index?

I've modified contentModel.xml and changed
<stored> from false to true for type name=cm:content

I've restarted alfresco, and then added documents. I can find the SpacesStore directory with the updated lucene index, and I open it with luke (0.8.1). I can see the tokens in <@{}content>. But that field, and all the similar <@{http….> fields show up as grayed out with no status flags in luke. Most of the simpler fields (e.g. <ID> <ASPECT>…) have the relevant flags (I T S…).

What am I doing wrong?

I admit, I am being somewhat lazy, in that I have code which already uses lucene for search, but also for getting the plain text rather than reparsing the original document. I realize I could trace back the document location, and redo the text extraction, but I would much rather just set a flag in an alfresco config file to have lucene store the indexed and tokenized content.

Any help would be much appreciated.