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AJAX (jQuery) and Alfresco WebScript

Question asked by giorgio.cardellini on Jul 15, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2009 by giorgio.cardellini
I got Alfresco 2.1 installed on a linux server inside an Intranet.
I made a Web Script which browse alfresco folders and gives and personalized xml as output
(I started from the sample available "get.atom" )

Now I need to read this XML output on company Intranet Portal Site using javascript.
I use jQuery libraries and personalized scripts. Those scripts usually read physical XML loaded on portal server.
Alfresco Webscripts needs authentication…

- There's a way to get authenticated through Javascript ?
- Should I move original documents to VCM area to remove authentication ?
- There's a space inside alfresco where authentication is not needed ?
- Or better, could I write my XML output physically inside a VCM folder and deplay it on another server I choose, in this case portal server ?

Any help will be appreciated