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Alfresco RIA Clients

Question asked by jpfi on Jul 15, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2010 by jpfi
hi Guys,
I'd like to take the launch of docasu ( to start a discussion about Alfresco and RIA clients.
I think the first RIA was opsoro ( &
The next was Steve Reiner's FlexSpaces ( &
There are also two guys (Denis Halupa & Daniel Gradecak) who are currently developing another client & framework (

So many projects to, why?
My Answers:
  • There is a need for a simple Alfresco Client where a normal user can do their "homework"

  • WebScripts are a nice technology to solve the prob. on the serverside

  • ExtJS or Flex are apparently the best clientside technology
Ok, but why do we need 4 different approaches (perhaps 3, because steve's Flex client is not based on ExtJs)?
We all want to reach the same, perhaps with a different main focus, but the goal is to provide a simple to use and smart RIA Client for Alfresco, or not?
Why don't we combine our efforts? At least docasu and opsoro appear to me as twins. Opsoro has a preview, tag & category browser and a My Alfresco Portal, docasu has the missing write access methods like createFolder, checkIn, checkOut, a Clipboard, Favorites…
Why doesn't Alfresco jump on the bandwagon?
my 2cents…feedback highly welcome,