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OCR - Extract specific metadata and rename the file

Question asked by ziva on Jul 15, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2008 by krisapong
Hi every one!

I'm new using Alfresco.

I use a Sharp OCR software to extract metadata from scanned documents, work´s good. When i search the document for a specific content  at Alfresco, work's good.

My question is: How can i extract especific data from predefined zones of the document, using this data to rename the file and save this file in another space?

for example:

Scan the document.

extract from the document from predefined zones the following data:

Document code: 05B.02.REM
IMR: 080001
Date: 14/05/08
Module: 02
Level: B1

Rename the file:


Save the file in a space.
I know it can be done with rules.

Thanks in advance.