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Multiple Actions?

Question asked by mchernecki on Apr 15, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2007 by mchernecki
Is it possible to configure multiple actions for a single action menu item? Currently, I have an href configured, but … A new requirement arose where I need to create a tmp xml file prior to launch my url in the href. Is it possible to run my java class or javascript prior to launch this URL? If I can't specifiy multiple actions, is it possible embed my current href action in a java class, allowing my to cretae my tmp xml file?

   <!– Launch Test Javascript Dialog –>
      <action id="test">
         <label>eReview Document</label>
            <tooltip>Launch in eReview</tooltip>
         <!– action>dialog:test</action –>
         <!– action-listener>#{BrowseBean.setupContentAction}</action-listener –>
      <!– Add action to more actions menu for each space –>
      <action-group id="document_browse_menu">
         <action idref="test" />