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Do we need an integration tool with Alfresco API connector?

Question asked by renatko on Apr 15, 2007
Hi Alfresco community!

I've seen a number of posts related to integration with 3rd party systems and databases, including CMSs and MQs. I'm curious if there is a need for a data integration tool for Alfresco API so integration projects between Alfresco and 3-rd party systems and databases could be done without coding. I work for an open source data masup company Apatar and we are considering an opportunity to develop a connector for Alfresco through API. We already have a number of connectors built, including PosgreSQL, MySQL,, SugarCRM, MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle, Amazon, FTP, POP3, CSV/flat files, Amazon and even Flickr.

We think there could be some pilot customer opportunities, but not sure if it will receive traction; so I wanted to gauge the need for such a connector. Let me know what you think.