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LDAP import into User Homes

Question asked by peebles on Apr 15, 2007
Having lots of fun trying to import users from LDAP (Active Directory actually).  This post helped:

There is some sort of timing thing going on … sometimes the import will go without error, sometimes I will still get the "Node without parents does not have root aspect" error and the import will either fail, or some users will get imported and some not.  I've have better luck using personalHomeFolderProvider, but lots of grief using userHomesHomeFolderProvider.  With the latter, if the import works at all, some users still end up in /Company Home, while the bulk end up in /Company Home/User Homes.

I have added



I got it working.  The problem was that in the example ldap-authentication-context.xml file, there was:

                <entry key="cm:organizationId">

in the attributeMapping, but we do not have this field (company) in our AD database.  Other posts suggested, or warned that non-existent or empty fields could yield bad results.