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NTLM and Guest

Question asked by peebles on Apr 16, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2008 by kimquy76
With out-of-the-box version 2.0.0, there was an admin and a guest account, and I had to manually add users.  I could however, 'invite' the guest as a consumer for a space, which would then allow "anonymous" access to the content in that space with the URI for that content, w/out a need for a login.

I've now spent two days and finally got LDAP user/group sync to work, and NTLM login authentication and CIFS (!).  Seems chaining does not work with NTLM (from various posts), so my admin and guest accounts are gone.  I can get back an admin capability with custom-authority-services-context.xml.  I can even "see" a guest user if I <allowGuest/> in file-servers-custom.xml.

But still, any "anonymous" attempt to fetch content thru URI gets me the login screen.  Why?

I would also like to create non-ldap users local to the alfresco database, so I can allow external folks access to content.  I think this means "chaining".  How can this be done with NTLM?