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Problem in moving documents using rules

Question asked by ajaywazir on Jul 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2008 by ajaywazir
We have the following folders in a space:

all folders have a rule that all incoming content is made versionable (add aspect)
library has two additional  rules
1 all pdf files would be moved to library/books
2 all other files would be moved to library/datasheets
In effect library top level folder would not contain any files

The problem arises when a file with same name as an exisiting file is uploaded to library.
If I upload e.g. zyx.pdf first time to library , it is moved to library/books and assigned v1.0.
If I upload the same file again, there is an error, that a child with duplicate name cannot be created, even if the content has been made versionable.

If I upload the same file directly to folder books, there is same error.

However, If I use Webdav to copy the same file to books folder, it works as desired, archived the originalfile and assigns a new version 1.1 to the newly uploded file

Coupled to above, I want to autmatiacally create new folders based on file names or tags. This use useful, e.g. to file all books by one author in one separate folder. I do not want the end user to create these folders.

Any workaround suggestions???