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Setting permissions for groups

Question asked by anwar on Apr 16, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2007 by andy
I am trying to give permission to add users to the system to a group of users, not only the admin user(s).

My first naive attempt was the following:

In the NewUserWizard, I noticed the following line:
NodeRef newPerson = this.personService.createPerson(props);

I then created a new group (as admin) using the web-client, called "admingroup". I added a user "auser1" to this group (still through the web-client).

In the file public-services-security-context.xml I then changed the line concerning createPerson to:

My hope was then that the users belonging to the group, such as "auser1",  would be able to call the method PersonService.createPerson, but it does not seem to work: I get an AccessDeniedException when the createPerson-line is reached.

Why does this not work, and is there a simpler way of giving users this permission?