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NTLM-Authentication and Vista

Question asked by nicof on Jul 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2008 by nicof
Hi everyone,

we are using NTLM-Authentication for the webclient and passthru for CIFS. However, some people who are using special characters in their passwords can login to CIFS, but not into the webclient.

Here's the error:

12:18:42,874 DEBUG [] New NTLM auth request from (
12:18:58,118 DEBUG [] Received type1 [Type1:0xa2088207,Domain:<NotSet>,Wks:<NotSet>]
12:18:58,124 DEBUG [] Sending NTLM type2 to client - [Type2:0x80000203,Target:,Ch:c255cae2ddf2524f]
12:18:58,127 DEBUG [] Received type3 [Type3:,LM:b47ce3bdbdbbcb1d19084e910eee5c982d6b4247bab12783,NTLM:fa4ccab4c7b0d54df72e9bbf05375d07010100000000000007db20fc9ae5c8012d6b4247bab127830000000002001800310030002e003100320039002e00320034002e00340038000000000000000000,Dom:XXXXXX,User:XXXX,Wks:XXXXXX]
12:18:58,139 DEBUG [] Authentication failed, Logon failure

Does anybody have a hint how to enable login to those users?

Thank you in advance!


We could exclude the correlation of special chars and our problem. Now it seems, that Windows Vista is the cause - are there any experiences in this regard?