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Lost ability to invite guest user

Question asked by peebles on Apr 16, 2007
Somehow I have lost the ability to invite the guest user to a space.  When I search for the guest user in the "invite" dialog, there is no match.

However, I can search for and find the guest user as 'admin' in the 'manage system users' dialog.  And, http://server/alfresco logs in as guest.

I was able to invite guest to space w/ outta the box, but this weekend I added:

user/group import/sync via active directory
NTLM passthru login and CIFS

After that process, I "lost" admin and guest of course.  I've gained them back (except for my current problem) by chaining NTLM using

I do not believe a 'guest' userid was imported from AD.  Anyone know how I might go about debugging this?  How is the Alfresco 'guest' user introduced into the system?  What might prevent the guest user showing up in the invite dialog?

I was wrong, I now believe we had a 'guest' account in AD that was somehow overriding the guest user in alf.  A more restrictive import (sn=*) seems to have avoided this issue.