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Deny admin access to a specific node

Question asked by clincks on Apr 17, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2007 by clincks

I'm currently working to change all the role and security of Alfresco.

–> I redevelop own roles who are different from the "Alfresco" commons roles. (I have "invited" my specifics group after what I set specifics permissions for node, menu and service access).

I should like to know if there is a way to DENY access to a node (and subnodes) on the Alfresco admin user.

–> The goal is that admin has no access to ultra confidentials documents. I created my own administrator (and other role) who has access.

I realize that by cutting permission heritance from a specific node. That work fine for "common" role, but not for admin:
admin has dynamic authority, who react differently.

Is there a easy way to "break" the admin "FullControl" permission to a specific node?