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Problems with Alfresco and Apache ProxyPass

Question asked by iproy on Apr 17, 2007
First of all, excuse my poor english. Im from Spain.
Well, I've got an Alfresco installation runing on a local server on my organization.
Its run perfectly.

I've got a server with apache where I made all the redirections of all my aplications.

All the redirections are in the same format:

For Alfresco I want to make the direction look like:

In apache i made:

ProxyPass /myorganizarion/gestordocumental  http://localserver/alfresco
ProxyPassReverse /myorganizarion/gestordocumental  http://localserver/alfresco

This works fine in the first page but when I click in any link the URL its wrong… The URL should be http://publicserver/myorganizarion/gestordocumental/faces/jsp/dashboards/container.jsp but alfresco point to http://publicserver/alfresco/faces/jsp/dashboards/container.jsp

¿What can I do to solve this problem?

I hope I explain well

Thanks for read  :)