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jsp:include and some strange characters

Question asked by kooktroop on Apr 18, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2007 by kvc

There are some really strange characters coming out of a jsp:include. See the image below:

The page in the image is the following jsp:

<!– processunit.jsp –>
<div id="content_body">
                    <jsp:include page="<%= processunitName.replace( ' ', '_' ) + "/description.html" %>" />
                    <jsp:include page="/WEB-INF/tiles/comments.jsp">
                        <jsp:param name="content_name" value="<%= processunitName %>" />
                        <jsp:param name="content_type" value="processunit" />
                        <jsp:param name="sub_content_type" value="description" />

It is including the following html file:

<h1>Description</h1><p>               At the heart of the Enterprise Space is the Enterprise…
Note: The above file appears fine when previewed via Alfresco WCM's preview mechanism.

The result of the jsp:include results in the following when selecting "view source":

<div id="content_body">
                    <h1>Description</h1><p>               At the heart of the Enterprise Space is the Enterprise…

What is going on? Why is this extra character being inserted? I have pages doing similar operations (including a HTML file) and this same problem occurs. It doesn't happen when including JSPs.

Thanks in advance,