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WCM publishing

Question asked by tonizz on Apr 18, 2007
Hi everybody,

I am developing a web site with Alfresco. I have installed the WCM extra package to make the publishing of the news, and some web additional content.  I may want to explore and to have, in some way, the web folder. Right now I have a net mapped drive.

In the virtual tomcat we use for WCM I have tried to configure a new context with the web folder this way:

In the folder "C:\Alfresco\virtual-tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost" I have created a new file "test.xml" with this content:

<Context docBase="\\\\wxpmdazornoza_a\\alfresco\\Web Projects\\Test" privileged="false" antiResourceLocking="false" antiJARLocking="false">

Being Test a web project created with Alfresco.

Firstly I run Alfresco tomcat and then virtual tomcat so that the first tomcat will see to run alfresco and the second will see to run WCM and my web folder.

Making up all this, when from my navigator, I write the url: localhost:8180/test/ and I have not response. The resource is not found.

Then I wonder if is it possible to make things so?

What do you think that I´m doing wrong??

Do you recommend me some better alternative way to publish?

Am I wrong in the whole working way ???